Welcome to Project Ribbon, the heart behind today’s most unique and thoughtful gift for a friend or loved one undergoing chemotherapy or radiation treatments. At Project Ribbon, we believe in creating sparks of joy wherever possible – even, and especially, during the most trying times in life. Rally your friends and family to join forces and support the journey to the finish line.

On learning a loved one has been diagnosed with cancer, friends and family oftentimes don’t know how to express their concerns and don’t know what to do to offer support.

They are afraid of saying something wrong or mentioning it at all.  They want to help but don’t quite know-how.

We’ve created the Project Ribbon Countdown, especially for these seemingly impossible situations. More than the gift itself, it is an easy and thoughtful way for those close to the patient to be involved, and convey how much they care. Even if not physically there to present a gift, the countdown allows friends and family near and far to participate and show their support each night before their loved one’s treatment. The Project Ribbon Countdown isn’t just a gesture; it’s a testament that love and support can give light to a challenging chapter.

Pick what finish you like, add a custom message for their calendar and select how many pouches you will need. 10 come with each order. Each Calendar is handmade to order in Southern Califonia. Click here to read our refund policy.

$129 $89 for Customization

$119 $79 for Standard Saying

$119 $79 Little Warrior

“Going through chemo is not fun, in fact it’s unbelievably scary and so much more so when you are told you have to do 16 rounds over 6 months of your life.  It weighs on you every day and the fear can be overwhelming.  The one thing that helps you get through it gives you strength, and makes you feel a little braver is when you have friends and family standing by your side and supporting you through it all.  Come to find out I have some pretty amazing people in my life.  A week before my chemo was going to start, I was presented with the most thoughtful and meaningful Chemo Countdown Calendar.  Basically, it was this cool frame that had little bags on it that represented each time I had to go to a chemo treatment.  Each bag had an inspirational word on it and inside was a card with a  description of the gift from one of my friends or family that made me feel so loved and appreciated; to say it boosted my spirits is an understatement!  You don’t look forward to chemo, but I did look forward to opening those little doors of love…it made such a difference in my mindset…it made me feel that not only was I fighting for myself but I was fighting for them too!!”
Lisa, Survivor