If you have a child or know of a child ready to undergo chemo or radiation treatments, the Little Warrior Countdown is a wonderful way to encourage them through the process. If it is books, music, or crafts to use during their treatments, a trip to look forward to after completion of treatments, or a plush toy to snuggle with, The Countdown will help them see that the finish line is in sight.

We offer fun, whimsical pouches for each treatment. 10 are included with the countdown. 

You Got This!


SPECIAL PRICING: $79 Standard | $89 Custom

Our 16” X 20” X 2.5” custom, handcrafted frames come in 4 finishes:

White Washed | Natural Wood Stain
Rose Washed | Ocean Blue Washed

5 options for the verbiage on the header (Standard $119 $79)

Little Warrior

Custom/Personalized Header ($129 $89):

15 characters for a single line
30 characters for the double line

Each Project Ribbon Countdown includes 10 numbered eco-friendly jute bags ($3 for each additional pouch) with children’s themed images, and 11 gift description cards.

Free domestic shipping