On learning a loved one has been diagnosed with cancer, friends and family oftentimes don’t know how to express their concerns and don’t know what to do to offer support.

They are afraid of saying something wrong or mentioning it at all. They want to help but don’t quite know-how.

We’ve created the Project Ribbon Countdown, especially for these seemingly impossible situations.

More than the gift itself, it is an easy and thoughtful way for those close to the patient to be involved, and convey how much they care. Even if not physically there to present a gift, the countdown allows friends and family near and far to participate and show their support each night before their loved one’s treatment. The Project Ribbon Countdown isn’t just a gesture; it’s a testament that love and support can give light to a challenging chapter.


SPECIAL PRICING: $79 Standard | $89 Custom

Our 16” X 20” X 2.5” custom, handcrafted frames come in 4 finishes:

White Washed | Natural Wood Stain
Dusty Rose Washed | Ocean Blue Washed

5 options for the verbiage on the header ($119 $79 Standard)

Little Warrior

Custom/Personalized Header ($129 $89):

15 characters for a single line
30 characters for the double line

Each Project Ribbon Countdown includes 10 eco-friendly jute bags ($3 for each additional pouch) with inspirational sayings on the pouch front; numbers on the back.  The white-washed countdown features black writing on the bags. The naturally stained countdown features gold writing on the bags.
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